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Home Improvement: Sooners get Kansas to help out around the (defensive) house

Home Improvement: Sooners get Kansas to help out around the (defensive) house

NORMAN, Okla. – The tonic that cures all comes to town for Saturday’s game against the Sooners. Like a magic elixir, a wonder drug for the defense, Kansas should be both a rebound and a restful night for this defense. 

Improvement is on the way, right? Because if it doesn’t happen this week, when will it? The opportunity is there. This is the chance. 

Last week, it was all about Baker Mayfield and Joe Mixon, this week it’s all about Mike Stoops and a defense that gives up yards by the hectare. A week ago, Texas Tech scored 59 points, gained 854 yards and actually punted twice. Yet, Oklahoma won, improved to 4-0 in the Big 12 and along the way became the biggest joke in college football since the old WAC days of the 1980s. 

Never have all these wins (Texas, TCU, Texas Tech) felt like losses, but 1. that won’t be the case this week. Kansas comes to town and everyone can take a deep breath and get back to overreacting about politics and the upcoming War on Christmas. 

Rejoice, all. 2. The defense will look better. That and 23 other predictions about this Kansas-Oklahoma get-together are straight ahead …

What a matchup. It should be a great game, 3. right up until kickoff, and 4. you’ll forget, at least for a second how historically bad this Sooner defense has been this season when 5. Kansas punts on its first possession. 6. And it’s second. Yes! Mike Stoops has figured it out. This is the stuff of dreams.

Meanwhile, as good as the Oklahoma defense will be – at least to start – when 7. Kansas doesn’t score a single point in the first quarter, 8. Joe Mixon will be better. 9. He’ll score a first-quarter touchdown and 11. Finish the game with 200-plus rushing yards. 12. And he’ll have less than 23 carries, 13. as well as more than five receptions. More DeDe, too. 14. Another week, another 200-yard receiving day for Westbrook.

All of that offense, including 15. 350 yards passing from Baker Mayfield won’t be able to hide all these defensive injuries the Sooners are dealing with. Eventually it’s going to show up and catch up with Oklahoma. 16. Kansas will have 14 points by halftime 17. and will have a pair of passing plays go for 40 or more yards. 

18. “It’s Kansas,” you’ll say to your friends, family, strangers and anyone who is within shouting defense. But it’s also OU, too and the defense just probably doesn’t have the potential to improve significantly. But Kansas will do its best to help the Sooner fans and Mike Stoops’ apologists. 19. The Jayhawks will have more than three turnovers 20. and the sorry Sooner secondary will come up with a pair of interception.

21. Kansas won’t have 854 yards of offense. OK, that one is too easy, but, hey, baby steps here. It’s not easy to get these man-made, super-synthetic predictions correct week after week. 22. Kansas will get more than 400, though. 23. OU will get more than 600 and 24. you’ll wonder if that will be good enough to beat Iowa State next time out. 

25. Take the Sooners and give the 40 points. OU wins 63-21. 

Last week: 15-10

Overall: 103-72

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