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Heat and Expansion: The science of the Big 12

Heat and Expansion: The science of the Big 12

It’s a scientific fact that heat makes things expand. Well, the Big 12 has some heat. So far, if you like it or not, something is going to change, and while it seems like every idea is all over the place, I have broken this down into three aspects, and who they benefit .
First, there is money. Everyone wants to get paid. Everyone wants to fund non revenue sports with TV money. It makes you wonder how those sports survived after all these years. The common thought is that adding two teams will make the money drop because you would be dividing it between 12 teams. What’s been lost in all this is the idea that networks will not pay more if you add teams that don’t have a name. Well, last I checked, no TV company has said they won’t pay more. As a matter of fact they are offering up teams to the Big 12.
Result: Benefit OU and Texas
Second, competitiveness and playoffs. This has to do with odds and magical percentage points of an extra game. There is also a financial benefit, but more importantly it puts you on the same playing field as the other conferences. Again, the research has been done, and absent from that research is the caliber of teams that you would add. There is a reason for this. It doesn’t matter. If you become a power 5 team you add to the strength of schedule.
Result: Benefit every other team not named OU or Texas
Third: Location
While this may not be a huge problem for football it can be brutal for non revenue sports. While we say football is king, that is something the presidents of the schools can just come out and say. There is already a 5th wheel in the conference, West Virginia, and to add teams that ease the travel bill for the other sports will be looked at. We have to remember that we are a central time zone league for the most part. Ideas of a BYU or Colorado State makes the miles increase.
Benefit: West Virginia
This situation is not as easy as it sounds. It’s not about who you want to see a particular team play or a mythical amount of money that you may think each team will get. What this very well may come down to is the networks. They hold not just the Big 12, but every conference hostage. They are the new elephant in the room. When they talk people will listen. The same network that is totally fine with 5 power conferences and only 4 playoff spots is a power player. If they throw enough money out there for the Big 12 to expand, it really won’t matter who they bring in because everyone is getting paid. This has been a Fogle Fact.

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