Heartbreak on the 4th

Heartbreak on the 4th

As we gather with friends and family to celebrate America’s independence, Kevin Durant declared his.

Durant announced via The Players Tribune (10:39 central time) that he was signing with the Golden State Warriors, breaking the heart of an entire state in the process.

Durant is agreeing to a 2-year deal with Golden State, with a player option for year two.

The move comes as a shock to most NBA fans, who felt the Durant would continue to build his legacy in OKC by signing a similar deal with the Thunder.

This move may end up getting Durant multiple NBA titles, but also makes KD look like a complete bandwagon jumper, joining a team that won 73 games last year, and will be the odds-on pick to win the championship next season.

This move is hard to stomach for OKC fans, who embraced a former Texas Longhorn as one of their own.

Durant’s star rose so quickly that he became as big a sports icon as the state has ever seen, rivaling the likes of Bud Wilkinson, Barry Switzer, Mickey Mantle, Jim Thorpe or Barry Sanders.

Durant wasn’t just a great player for the Thunder. He was extremely active in the community, and his humble nature was a perfect fit with the culture in Oklahoma.

This move completely shakes the new earthquake capitol of the world to its core. This blows up the Richter scale!

KD’s departure raises so many questions. Will Russell Westbrook stay? Is OKC over as a championship contender? Will Thunder basketball ever be the same?

Not the questions that OKC fans are looking forward to facing.

So the state’s favorite son is gone, leaving the Thunder in a tough spot.

Durant created some great memories in Oklahoma, he could have created so many more. He owned OKC, could’ve been the brightest star in the Oklahoma sports galaxy. Sure, KD will always have his piece of state history. A big one.

Still, Durant could’ve reached the summit, eclipsing them all.

Instead, Durant broke it off with OKC to go ring chasing with the Warriors.

Not the holiday party folks around here were looking for, it was pure heartbreak on the 4th.

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