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This is what happens when Iowa State comes to town: 20 Predictions ISU-Oklahoma

This is what happens when Iowa State comes to town: 20 Predictions ISU-Oklahoma

By pretty much all accounts the Oklahoma football team is having a great season.

Unbeaten and 4-0 with a profile that includes a win over and at Ohio State. Pretty impressive.

But man, it’s a good deal when Iowa State comes to town.

While calling the last few games Oklahoma has played a slump is probably a bit of a leap, there’s an argument to be made about how the Sooners certainly haven’t improved.

Good thing Iowa State is coming to town.

Time to get right.

1. And Oklahoma will. This game is going to be a rout and here are 20 more predictions heading into its game against the Cyclones at 11 Saturday morning.

Since 1999, Oklahoma is unbeaten against Iowa State (12-0) and all of those games have been decided by double digits with the average score 40-10. During its six home games out of the past 12, OU has won by an average score of 44-6 and has given up three total touchdowns in those six games.

That trend will continue. 2. The Sooners won’t give up a first-half touchdown and 3. you’ll feel better about defensive coordinator Mike Stoops as the Sooner defense will:

4. Force a three-and-out on the Cyclones first possession.

5. Sack Iowa State quarterback Jacob Park at least three times

6. Get an interception

7. Make you less anxious about the Oklahoma defensive backs who gave up a bunch of yards and a bit of dignity in the win against Baylor where the Sooners led 28-10 and then ended up trailing in the second half.

Good thing the Cyclones will be in the building.

Even Baker Mayfield, OU’s Heisman candidate hasn’t particularly played his best since the win over Ohio State. Mayfield threw for 342 yards last time the Sooners played the Cyclones in Norman and threw for 328 yards last year in Ames, Iowa. 8. He’ll get to 340 Saturday and 9. Mayfield will run for a touchdown, too.

10. And won’t get a personal foul for taunting. Part of the reason is because 11. Mayfield won’t even be in the game by the beginning of the fourth quarter, which will give Mayfield plenty of time to start working on his “Horns-Down” hand gestures to get ready to be on full display in Dallas next week.

12. You’ll be thinking about your plans for Dallas, too. That’s what happens when Iowa State comes to town. You get a little bit bored. After all, they have a linebacker Joel Lanning, who played quarterback last season and a quarterback, Park, who looked like he had the touch of a blacksmith last week against Texas.

None of that really matters, though. OU is 74-5-2 all-time against Iowa State and 38-1 at home. Meanwhile, the Sooners haven’t lost since last September, running off 14 games in a row.

Saturday will be a day the Sooners need to keep relevant. Now, naturally, a win over Ohio State does wonders for the bio, but since they’ve been sorta sleepy the past few weeks, OU will be looking for more of a statement against the Cyclones. That means:

13. Two Sooner running backs will go for more than 100 yards.

14. Three Sooner receivers will catch a touchdown pass.

15. There will be plenty of time to talk about OU’s uniforms just aren’t traditional enough.

But when Iowa State comes to town that’s what happens. We get distracted easily and worry about things that aren’t really worth worrying about.

Instead of concerning yourself with the scoreboard, 16. your eyes and heart will be turned toward Texas wondering if the Longhorns are the team that nearly beat USC or the team that gave up a ton of yards and a bunch of points in a loss to Maryland.

17. The Sooners aren’t challenged by Iowa State Saturday. 18. They’ll cover the 28 points. 19. By halftime, 20. Sooners win 52-7 and you’ll say, “Well, what did we expect? That’s what happens when Iowa State comes to Norman.”

Last week: 10-10. Check my math here

Overall: 43-37


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