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Mike Gundy gets comfortable at Big 12 Media Days

Mike Gundy gets comfortable at Big 12 Media Days

ARLINGTON, TX  If there is any Big 12 coach who is not afraid to be his true self, it’s Mike Gundy. 

Gundy strolled into AT&T Stadium in style and with a new haircut. He seemed confident in his new look, but did not seem quite comfortable.

Upon sitting down at the podium for his breakout session he immediately took off his shoes. He nonchalantly looked up at the media members as if nothing was different and was ready to answer any question.



As if he was settling in at home from a tough day at work, he continued to take off his suit jacket and place it on the chair behind him. Again drawing no attention to the action and continuing answering the questions given to him.

After a few more questions, Gundy undid the top button of his dress shirt and loosened his tie. Finally he acknowledged the casual demeanor

“You guys probably think I’m taking my shirt off now,” Gundy said. “I feel like a girl with heels, you know me, my feet are sore.”

Near the end of the breakout session, he acknowledged that there was a line, as he couldn’t just ditch his entire suit when Big 12 Media Days concluded.

”Well, (Oklahoma State President Dr. Shrum) is on the plane (back to Stillwater),” he said. “She and I are buddies so far but I’m not going to go so far as to take the suit off.”

He continued on to say that he would not want to do anything to anger Dr. Shrum’s husband who apparently looks like a bodybuilder.

Gundy concluded with,”I’m not going to strip down yet on the plane.”

In an atmosphere dominated by NIL talk, questions about College Football Playoff expansion, and curiosity about how the Cowboys will look in 2021 after another year of development for Spencer Sanders and the Oklahoma State offensive line, Gundy was his same old self.

And things almost felt normal again at Big 12 Media Days.


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