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Grobe: Nothing changes at Baylor

Grobe: Nothing changes at Baylor

Baylor coach Jim Grobe is walking into a burning building and telling folks it’s not that hot.

While the football team is seemingly burring down around him, the new football coach, who came into the program after the firing of Art Briles earlier this summer, is suggesting no changes are necessary.

The Bears, according to Grobe, will make no changes on offense, suggesting, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” he said earlier today at Big 12 Media Days in Dallas. “I’m not here to make a lot of changes. I thought that it was really important, especially for our players to have the same terminology.”

Well, good for Grobe. Good for Baylor, too. Playing along like everything is going to be just like it was, might be the best bet. Deny there’s going to be a drop-off. Deny there’s going to be any difference to the team that’s been so successful under Briles before it all came undone in the aftermath of rape and sexual misconduct scandal among the football team.

Perhaps the only ones out there who think it will all be grand at Baylor are Grobe, his staff and his players. Instead of being a favorite to win the Big 12 and compete to make the college football playoff, most are expecting a massive backslide for the Bears.

“It absolutely was a challenge,” Grobe said at Big 12 Media Day Tuesday. “There was no road map to this. They (the Baylor players) were certainly heartbroken they lost Art. I know the staff was in shock and so it’s been a journey. I think we’ve gotten to the point where the players are trusting of me. I’m not here to change things.”

Maybe Grobe and maybe Baylor and maybe the players don’t think change is necessary, but clearly, even though it came late, the administration at Baylor does.

The Bears have been at the top of the Big 12 lately. Expect that to change, too.

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