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Geez, thanks Austin

Geez, thanks Austin

Man, it’s like we never got to know you, Austin Kendall. Probably never will now, either.

A rouge statement about a week ago leading into the game against Ohio State where Kendall went off about the Buckeye defense will forever be what we think of when and if Kendall’s name ever comes up again.

Perhaps we’ll never see Kendall on the field. But there’s a better chance he’s rendered mute.

“Ridiculous comments,” coach Bob Stoops said Monday at his weekly press conference about what Kendall said. “There’s no place for it. Sadly, for you guys, there will be a bunch of guys not available. We can’t trust them.”

Kendall’s loose lips didn’t sink this Oklahoma ship but they will serve as shackles, perhaps as long as the rest of the season. Thanks to Kendall, the rest of the team is on media house arrest.

Honestly, it’s not like anyone not familiar with crimson and cream even knew who Kendall was before he said Mayfield was going to “light up” the Ohio State defense to a Sooner football TV show, produced in-house by the university’s staff. It’s not like Mayfield, himself, even said what Kendall did.

But none of that matters now. Stoops is upset about what Kendall said, but more upset about how his team performed in the blowout loss to Ohio State. The manifestation of both is to lash out a bit. Understandably. ‘So, what, ‘Stoops must be thinking, if the media doesn’t get another chance to talk to back-ups the rest of the season?

However, this ultimately hurts the listeners of talk radio, the readers of the newspaper and the viewers of TV. Less interviews means less information, and fans are always wanting information, regardless of whether it’s canned or candid.

Andrew Gilman

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