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From the band to Baker

From the band to Baker

So, let’s get this straight, if a student wants to go the University of Whatever on a trombone scholarship, that same student can major in Trombone, take classes on trombone theory, trombone composition, could even get an internship or play in a “for pay” jazz band. All of which would be allowed. I went to school for journalism and was a paid intern while in school. The whole point was to use college to get a job when I finished. 

But a different student, at the same University of Whatever, on a football scholarship, can’t major in football, can’t get paid and can’t benefit from that major – not monetarily, anyway. For many, football in college is an “internship” to getting a job in football after school is finished. 

A bill in California, getting ready to be sent to the Governor’s desk would allow for students to benefit from themselves. They’d be able to sign endorsement deals and benefit from their own likeness. Now, the downside is the NCAA is telling the Cali governor not to sign the bill, and in the future, would consider banning California NCAA institutions from its events. Similar bills in Washington, Colorado and North Carolina are in the works.

If something like this goes into effect, supposedly in 2023, expect Oklahoma and Alabama coaches to lobby their own respective congresses to get something going. After all, you don’t want to lose out in the recruiting battles. 

I wouldn’t touch Oklahoma giving 23 points at UCLA. Sure, it makes no sense to bet UCLA. After all, the Bruins haven’t given anyone any reason to think they can compete, much less against Oklahoma. They have scored 14 points each of the first two weeks and somehow looked worse in week two at home than they did in a week one loss to Cincinnati. 

Meanwhile, Oklahoma has looked great on offense and certainly improved on defense. Makes no sense not to bet Oklahoma, ony giving 23 points, All signs point to UCLA giving up and Oklahoma getting better. I’m not buying it. Not yet. UCLA has had nothing go right and Oklahoma has had little go wrong. A 41-14 lead in this game could easily wind up 41-20 – a dominating win, but not enough to cover. Advice on this one: Stay away. Too much of a sweat to bet either side.

Oklahoma State is giving 14 points Saturday at Tulsa. The Cowboys, like the Sooners, are playing well offensively. And like Jalen Hurts at Oklahoma, Spencer Sanders has fit right in. Love Tulsa in this game. All the conventional wisdom tells you OSU should cruise. And most of the bettors are thinking about OSU, not about the Tulsa team that is 2-0 against the spread and 1-1 on the season, losing at Michigan State.

Sanders hasn’t faced any adversity. He’ll find some on Saturday. Tulsa won’t win this game, but the Hurricane will keep it close. And don’t think for a minute Oklahoma State won’t be looking at next week’s matchup at Texas. Hold your nose and bet Tulsa. 


Perhaps no one had a better offseason than Baker Mayfield. The ex-Oklahoma quarterback talks more than Kevin Durant, and played himself into a massive amount of popularity as well as making Cleveland a trendy playoff pick.

However, if he goes 0-2 (The Jets play the Browns this weekend), Mayfield is going to start losing a bit of ground. It’s much easier to talk when there isn’t a game to play and it’s much harder to talk after a dismal performance. Now, Mayfield owned his failure, taking the blame, but he hasn’t said too much this week.

That’s a good thing. Without a few wins, Mayfield’s talking loses its edge. Without a few wins, the Browns are just what they’ve always been. Not dangerous.


Andrew Gilman

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