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Former players and media chime in on the historic day it was in Norman

Former players and media chime in on the historic day it was in Norman

Eighteen years. Eighteen. That’s how long Bob Stoops had the title of “Head Coach” at the University of Oklahoma. His tenure came to a screeching halt as he announced his retirement. It was a month or so long process that went under-the-radar, but the public announcement dropped today, June 7th of 2017. A historic day that saw the passing of the torch of being the head coach at Oklahoma to former offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley. Multiple guests came on with Colby and Sam on MMM Ranch to talk about the happenings of June 7th, 2017:

Rufus Alexander:

Stewart Mandel:

John Hoover:

Sean Adams:

Bob Przybylo:


More players chimed in via Twitter to Bob Stoops’ retirement:


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