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Fogle: When the Dust Settles

Fogle: When the Dust Settles

I’ve had some time to think about things. I’ve sat back and watched the decision and the backlash from it. I can understand people being emotional about their team or even a player.  Can I tell people how they should think or feel? Well, yes I can. We all do it. When someone has a bad day, you may have that friend that says, ‘Cheer up’. So let us not act like we all don’t tell people how to feel. Kevin Durant is a by product of the system that has been in place since this team arrived in Oklahoma City. I’ve heard people say that they didn’t know who he was. Really? The organization had a hand in that. How many interviews have you heard with them and your favorite radio show? You don’t know him because you weren’t allowed to know him.

I have always been a fair person so I will attempt to move forward. This city is a great place.  Should this team be put on 76’er mode?  I would think not. This team is a  two way perimeter shooter away from being pretty darn good. I never cry over spilled milk. I never try to control things that I can’t. But if you hired a guy to have a team gutted and start all over again from scratch then good luck. It didn’t work in Philly and it won’t work here. Think big, dream big, live big.

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