Fogle Returned to Guymon America for a Weekend of Hunting

Fogle Returned to Guymon America for a Weekend of Hunting

Alas, I returned to Guymon for a weekend of hunting. Upon arrival I saw how quickly I was forgotten. The girl at the check in counter said she had never even heard of me. I guess I’m gone and forgotten.

I woke up the next morning and was better prepared. I had my icy hot patches ready, a new pair of hunting boots, and jeans, not sweatpants. I looked the part. I didn’t run away from huge rabbits as much, nor did I see another dragon, but I did shoot a bird!  The city boy in me didn’t like the idea of putting the bird in the back of my vest while it was still flapping. Who wants a live chicken on their back? In my heyday I could pull the tail and that would take the breast right off, but I was a little bit rusty on that. I pulled the whole tail of the poor guys butt.
I also understand why quail is so expensive. They are fast and while rather run than fly, but they are also dumb. The one that I did see fly, flew right into a barn. All and all it was a good last day of my hunting season 2016.  I will be back!


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