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Flip Side: Here Comes The NFL’s No. 1 Defense

Flip Side: Here Comes The NFL’s No. 1 Defense

The Matchup:

DEE-FENSE. It’s hard to talk about either team right now without making the chant. Without question, stopping teams is the best thing that both teams do. Now Jacksonville is coming off a disappointing 30-14 loss in Kansas City on Sunday while the Cowboys also lost, 19-16 in overtime, despite a stellar effort from its defense. But this one could be one of the lower-scoring games of the season, given how aggressive the defenses are on both sides. Jacksonville has the NFL’s No. 1 defense, allowing just 292.2 yards per game. The Cowboys rank eighth in total defense, yielding 337.4 yards a game. Where the Jags might have the edge is the offense. Dallas ranks 28th, while Jacksonville is 9th, producing over 400 yards per game, but finding the end zone has been a challenge. They still rank 20th in scoring at 20.4, still better than the Cowboys’ 16.6 points per game, which ranks 30th. The Cowboys have been a better team at home, scoring 20 and 26 points in the two home outings.


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