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Faith, Facebook and Financial gain

Faith, Facebook and Financial gain

A few notes and quotes and warmed-over takes from the past few days in sports. It’s a little bit about a lot.

… Baker Mayfield has turned himself into an NFL player. That wasn’t a given at this point a year ago, but Mayfield improved his game and his NFL stock. The result is he is likely going to be a first-round draft pick if he shows well at the upcoming NFL Combine.

So, why is everyone congratulating Mayfield for saying he’s going to be participating in the Combine, when it’s the absolute only logical thing for him to do? Mayfield isn’t attending the Combine because he’s some sort of warrior competitor, he’s going because it’s the best chance for him to have a financial gain and I’m quite certain his agent also realizes this. There’s an estimated $17 million difference between being the first pick and the 13th pick, so, of course it makes sense to be as good as possible.

If Mayfield and his agent knew when and where he was going to be drafted, then, of course, there’s no reason to go to the Combine. But they don’t. Instead Mayfield says, “That’s who I am,” when asked why he was going to the Combine and says, “That shows where their head is at,” about other quarterbacks who may skip the Combine.

Mayfield’s goal is to be drafted higher than the rest of those other quarterbacks, so it makes some sense to build yourself up for doing the very basic, as well as disparage others, despite not knowing their situation. Yes, Mayfield is a competitor, but it also makes the most sense for him to go. Just like it makes sense for James Washington of Oklahoma State to go and for Mark Andrews of Oklahoma to go. There’s no reason to credit Mayfield here for doing what anyone would do. It’s not some sort of admirable decision that displays his valor. The decision is a good, sound, financial one. Nothing more. …


… Odd situation with NBC analyst and former coach Tony Dungy who called the Super Bowl. Dungy, who apparently knows Eagles’ quarterback Nick Foles is a Christian, said Foles’ faith played a role in Philly’s win.

OK. There may be something to that. Someone who finds comfort and sanctuary in religion can certainly be calmer and peaceful – which is important in high-pressure situations, regardless of profession. But curiously, Dungy didn’t mention how Foles’ faith helped him at any other point in a career. Foles has mostly struggled for a number of teams and coaches. Dungy has called games for NBC for a long time. I wonder if he ever credited former Houston running back Arian Foster’s belief in being an atheist after a good game? Maybe Foster’s unique world view was his steadying force. Not saying it didn’t happen, but I’d be shocked if Dungy did that. In addition, would Dungy, who is also a self-professed man of Christian faith, be quick to credit a player of Muslim faith? Maybe. The point is, Foles had a fine game against New England. There was no need to inject religion into the situation, unless you do it all the time, in every instance. Dungy doesn’t, so there was no need to on Sunday. …

… Another game, another mysterious performance by the Thunder. The latest was a 20-point win at Golden State as a 10-point underdog Tuesday night. The Thunder are 2-0 against Golden State, have beaten Houston and the Spurs and have lost to every bad team in the league north of the Washington Generals. But the latest win over Golden State is the most-perplexing. It gives the impression the Thunder are good enough to win a title. Are they? Who knows. They seem to be a case of false advertising- like Facebook. isn’t real life. Like the Thunder, on Facebook you get glimpses of greatness. A snapshot of perfection. Awesome scenery from an exotic vacation that make it seem like it’s commonplace. It’s not. There are flaws and dysfunction, but wins over GSW and HOU make you forget. …

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