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#EmojiScience and Bedlam; Quick Hits from Lincoln Riley’s Bedlam Press Conference

Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley is escorted onto Owen Field by OUPD Master Sgt. Steve Chandler (left) and OHP Lt. Brian Orr. (PHOTO: John E. Hoover)
#EmojiScience and Bedlam; Quick Hits from Lincoln Riley’s Bedlam Press Conference

Lincoln Riley met with the media for his regular game week press conference prior to Bedlam this week:

  • Injury Update:
    • Neville Gallimore is questionable.
    • Doesn’t sound like Matt Romar will play this week, but Riley says they hope to get him back this season.
    • Baker Mayfield practiced all last week. Riley says his shoulder is good to go.
    • No injury for Lamb, but Riley did say that he was a “difference making type of player” when he is healthy.
  • Lincoln Riley was asked about the rankings with Ohio State being ahead of Oklahoma. Riley did not seem too worried about it and said “it will take care of itself” through the last month of the season.
  • Riley says he feels good about where the secondary is at besides giving up the “two or three” plays a game they get out of coverage.
  • And now we are into recruiting and #EmojiScience…
    • Riley says he doesn’t know why he chose the eyeballs as he was just going with the flow.
    • He will not disclose what it takes for a recruit to have the eyeball emoji’s posted for them.
    • Riley does not read the responses after he posts the eyeball emoji
    • He has not seen Ruffin McNeil’s version of the eyeball emoji.
    • Riley did talk about the atmosphere, the game, and the weekend for recruiting. Says it was a “tremendous weekend” for their program.
    • He did not tip his hand when it came to say what the difference was between his recruiting and Bob Stoops’ recruiting.
    • That’s it from today’s lesson of #EmojiScience
  • Lincoln Riley was extremely complimentary of Oklahoma State. Talked about the progression of Mason Rudolph and his big senior year, the upgrade at the defensive line, and the depth at wide receiver.

Oklahoma and Oklahoma State will kickoff on Fox Sports One at 3:00 PM CST on Saturday. The TCU and Oklahoma kickoff time for next weekend has been put on a six-day hold.

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