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Dreams Young and Old

Dreams Young and Old

Oklahoma got what it wanted Thursday afternoon.

The Sooner basketball team got a commitment from Trae Young, the talented, highly recruited, sensational point guard from Norman North High School. Young can shoot and pass and score and do everything the struggling Oklahoma basketball team needs. And he’ll get a chance to show off all those talents as soon as next season.

Young, by pretty much every service that evaluates high school players, is ranked as one of the top players in the nation and even as high as the second-best point guard in the country.

But OU didn’t just get an all-timer as far as recruits go.

The Sooners get the dream that goes along with it. The dream that came true with Wayman Tisdale and again with Blake Griffin. The dream that means even a floundering team just needs one player to become nationally relevant again.

Both times after signing a huge name, OU became a top team – first with Tisdale, getting to within a game of the Final 4 and then again with Griffin, getting once again to the Elite 8. Now the Sooners have their biggest get since Griffin.

It’s not like OU is so far removed from greatness. After all, it’s been just a season since the Sooners played in the Final 4. And we know in college basketball, any team at any time can hit the lottery. All it takes is one player to turn a season around.

That’s what Tisdale did. That’s what Griffin did, too. Their emergence put OU back in the title picture, made the Sooners great and did it in a hurry.

Trae Young’s talent is undeniable. His potential is what’s most intriguing.

“I knew there’d be pressure; I’d have a lot on my shoulders. That was attractive,” Young told USA Today.

There will plenty of pressure for Young. Not just being from Oklahoma and local and not just to help OU get back to winning, which it hasn’t done much of this season, but to become the players Tisdale and Griffin became and for what they did for the Sooners.

Young does that, and he’ll be seen the same way as those stars before him. If something happens and he isn’t able to, Young will be seen as a bust.

Hardly fair, but when you’re one of the top players in the nation, that’s part of what happens when you follow Tisdale and Griffin.




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