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Defense: A Lost Art

Defense: A Lost Art

Once upon a time there was a game called tag. The object of the game was to catch someone and make them, ‘it’. It was a simple game in simple times. There was no glory for the person running away, the objective was to catch someone. This was the birthplace of defense. No ball, no score, just catch someone who has unlimited areas to run in.
For some reason, defense now is frowned upon. It is looked at like the red head step child. We don’t want to see great defense played, heck that’s why much of America doesn’t like soccer, or futbal, not enough scoring. We have taken defense and used a word that makes me cringe to describe it, boring. We have become so anti-defense that we make up excuses for people that can’t score. ‘He is in a slump’, ‘He can’t find an open receiver’, ‘The offense isn’t clicking’. We never take into account that there are 5 guys in basketball, and 11 in football, whose jobs are to stop a team from scoring. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. This madness must stop. At the pro level, these guys are getting paid to do their job, and when they do it defensively, we never acknowledge it, unless it’s the Legion of Boom. The only thing that has survived this transition is a phrase that is seldom heard anymore but will always remain true, defense wins championships. I’ll take that off the air.

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