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“Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” – Episode 11: Staying Strong

“Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” – Episode 11: Staying Strong

It’s the beginning of week eight of training camp in early August, and the Dallas Cowboys’ first home preseason game is only two weeks away. Five cuts must be made before the game to have the final roster of 36.

Week eight kicks off with cameo shoot day! Cameo day is a photoshoot session where all the girls take their individual shots for publicity photos. It’s full glam for the girls as they get their hair and makeup done to look their absolute best.

Cameo day is the first time that the rookie candidates will wear the fully completed, custom made DCC uniform. They get a taste of what it could be like to be a DCC, so they hope not to lose the uniform that was created just for them. Cameo photos can be…

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