Cameron Payne, The Man of Mid Major Mystery

Cameron Payne, The Man of Mid Major Mystery

The mid major schools have another chance to prove they can create NBA talent. This time it is at the home town Oklahoma City Thunder’s expense. They drafter the 6 foot 2 inch point guard last night with the 14th pic. Cameron Payne played at Murray State and to most Thunder fans is a name they just now heard for the first time. So who is this man of mystery the Thunder have added to their playoff contender?

Cameron Payne was not a high recruit out of high school and records shows that he didn’t have a whole lot of options coming out of the high school ranks. He went to Murray State in Kentucky and say his game evolve. Who was responsible for that? Most people close to the program said… well him. Cameron Payne was labeled as a work out warrior… also more than just that. He loves watching tape.

After being drafted Payne was interviewed by NBA TV and said that he watched a lot of Russell Westbrook tape on his mid range jump shot. This should speaks volumes to many of the people that this guy will put in the work. Confidence is not a problem for Cameron either. Right after walking off the stage he said “there is no ceiling for Cameron Payne”, and while I hate the use of third person, I love the message. The kid believes on himself and thinks he can really make a difference for this team.

Payne averaged 20 points and 7 assists in college but claims scoring is not the key of his game, even though he has a vicious floater in the lane with either hand. He says his ability is really being able to distribute and create shots for his team mates. He claims that his shot taking was pure out of need for the team but he claims to feel more comfortable in the open floor passing the ball to his team mates. Well. The Thunder do love to run.

Will Cameron Payne see a lot of minutes in a playoff run and take the Thunder to the next level… maybe not. Well even Probably not. He can however develop into the exact buy the Thunder they have been looking for since Harden left. A star who is okay with sharing the spotlight. A guy who can lead the show for the second team and guy who can create much needed bench offense. Lets hope so. Who knows? Time will tell. For now, lets just all laugh at the fact that he talked about himself in 3rd person.

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