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BREAKING: Rodney Anderson will not have charges filed against him

Oklahoma's Rodney Anderson (24) carries against TCU in the second quarter of an NCAA college football game in Norman, Okla., Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)
BREAKING: Rodney Anderson will not have charges filed against him

Cleveland County District Attorney, Greg Mashburn, announced that charges against Oklahoma running back Rodney Anderson following rape allegations will not be filed. An investigation took place following an Emergency Victim’s Protection Order filed on December 4th.

The accuser detailed in the emergency VPO that, “he knows where I live and I’m scared for my safety.” She listed Anderson as an “alleged rapist” and that she was a “victim of rape.” Anderson allegedly penetrated the accuser with his fingers, leading to a “rape by instrumentation” investigation.

In the following days of the emergency VPO being filed, Anderson’s attorney released statements on his innocence. Anderson created a Twitter account for the first time to release a statement himself:

Today, Mashburn announced that Anderson would not have any charges filed against him after a thorough investigation by the Norman Police Department. They presented their investigation to a team of Mashburn’s prosecutors. Susan Caswell, one of Mashburn’s assistant district attorneys and a prosecutor in this case, released the details of Norman Police Department’s investigation.

Caswell said that Anderson cooperated with the Norman Police Department through Anderson’s attorney. The accuser, however,  met with the investigators three times. Three of the accuser’s friends also met with the Norman Police Department, including at least one of them doing so voluntarily.

Her report to the investigators of the Norman Police Department did not match exactly with what the accuser’s friends told them. “She may well believe that this incident went further than what she wanted it to go,” District Attorney Mashburn told the media. “But certainly, one, she never communicated that to Mr. Anderson leading by her words…but then No. 2, is (that) there is certainly events on the other side of that that she was happy with what had gone down according to what she was telling friends.”

The accuser’s friend provided further detail on a conversation they had where the accuser said that “she had a great time with Mr. Anderson” according to Caswell. This friend also provided text messages from a conversation they had with the accuser that “confirmed that the friend had accurately portrayed the content (of the story she provided).”

Filing a false police report is a misdemeanor, but according to Caswell and Mashburn, Anderson’s attorney and him have not asked to file charges against the accuser. They also stated that “there is a high burden of proof on both sides” when asked if charges would be filed against the accuser in this instance.

“There are certainly cases where we simply can’t prove something,” Mashburn said. “In this case, it was important to tell the whole story so people understand the facts that were presented to us.”

“Sexual assault victims need to be comfortable coming forward and telling their story.”

Anderson has been one of the best running backs in the country since the OU-Texas game in early October. The redshirt sophomore did not carry the ball more than ten times until that day, but since then, he has accounted for 15 total touchdowns while rushing for 928 yards on 151 attempts and 262 receiving yards on 14 receptions. He unequivocally has been Oklahoma’s best running back this season.

On Dec. 8, Anderson passed a three hour polygraph test that was examined by former FBI Agent, Bill D. Brown. Brown has conducted more than 3,500 polygraph tests throughout his time with the FBI and after with his business. However, this test was not used in the investigation. 

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