Boz, Barry, Baker and Bob

Boz, Barry, Baker and Bob

Heading into the 1984 season, Barry Switzer was in trouble with Oklahoma fans.

The Switzer Sooners, perennial national championship contenders, had suffered three straight seasons with four losses.
And zero Orange Bowl appearances, the big prize that went to the winner of the Big 8 conference.

A pretty vocal legion of OU fans thought Switzer had “lost his edge” and Sooner football was on a downward spiral.

It was time for the “King” to give up his throne.

The next season a brash young linebacker named Brian Bosworth came along and transformed the program.

Two years later, OU would win its sixth national championship in school history. And Switzer was resurrected.

Fast forward to 2015.

Oklahoma had just finished 8-5, enduring a 40-6 blowout loss to Clemson in the Russell Athletic Bowl, where the Sooners looked anything but athletic.

Some media members (myself included) and fans questioned whether Bob Stoops had “lost his edge.”

Surely Stoops had stayed on the job too long, collecting a big check, but not winning a national title since 2000.

Maybe it was time for Stoops to move on.

My how things have changed in 11 months.

Along came another transformative player, quarterback Baker Mayfield, and the Sooners and Stoops’ reputation have been restored.

The former two-time walk on has OU in the hunt for a national championship after last night’s 58-23 Bedlam win over Oklahoma State.

The victory almost assuredly means Oklahoma is going to be in the college football playoff, with Mayfield leading the way.

The Heisman candidate has instilled a swagger and confidence back into the OU football program. We first saw it in a comeback win at Tennessee. It has continued all season.

Thirty years ago, Oklahoma football was reeling. Boz came along and rescued Switzer from the angry mob.

Boz didn’t do it alone. He had help from some other great players around him, but it was Bosworth’s attitude that lifted the program.

Mayfield has done the same with this team, pulling a Boz for the 2015 Sooners.

Bob Stoops is already looking a lot smarter these days. Two more wins and “Big Game Bob” is back.

And Mayfield has made it happen.

Boz and Barry. Baker and Bob.

Oklahoma might just win the national championship. And history will have repeated itself with a big, resounding Boomer!

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  1. Craig Co

    November 29, 2015 at 8:17 pm

    One slight difference is that Boz was personally recruited by Switzer while Baker Mayfield fell into Stoops lap. But the result may tun out to be the same so who’s quibbling over minor details?

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