Boxing Is Not Dead

Boxing Is Not Dead

I must admit, I am a boxing fan. I know that people who remember me from way back in the day, are probably wondering why I haven’t talked a lot about the sweet science. Well, I will change that today. Boxing hasn’t went away. It is in a state of change. While I feel there are some up and coming participants like Terrance Crawford, Keith Thurmond, and others, the big question looms about the heavyweight division. I’m torn between cautious dominance like we have seen and knock out power.  Tyson Fury is out there as a heavyweight and there is a rematch coming up with Klitchsko. But there are some new and up and coming heavyweights.  Deontae Wilder is one American that looks strong. Anthony Joshua, from England is also a top contender.  I ask all the boxing fans out there to have patience. Boxing will never die, even though it may never be completely like it was, let us not appreciate what it can be.


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