Andrew Gilman

Bob Stoops retired and you know KD is a liar

Bob Stoops retired and you know KD is a liar

A little song, apologies to Billy Joel.

Baker Mayfield, Grant Jerami, Billy Donovan at the Peake

Lincoln, Trace Adkins, Car-mel-o

Gundy’s Mullet, Westbrook fashion wear, Trae Young leaving, do you care?

Longhorns, Warriors, Russ passes the Big O.

Emoji Tweeting, Mike Boynton, hoops cheatin, Rodney Anderson

Trae Young nationally ranked and that was before the season tanked

Transfers, McGusty, salary cap, free agency

James Harden, Draymond Hate, KD to the Golden Gate

Bob Stoops he retired

The Oklahoma sports world’s turning, he’s at Belmar and he’s golfing

KD’s a Twitter liar, he needs his mama, too much media drama


Lon Kruger, quad-1 win count, Western Playoffs, KD burner account

James Washington, Boone Pickens, Pete Hughes balk

Kyle Singler man bun, OSU new stadium

James Harden MVP OKC playoff lock

Tourney snub, Sister Jean, but hey OU’s hoops is sorta a winning team

Mike Stoops, Owen Field, targeting rules, players kneeled

Playoff loss, Kanter’s gone, OU golf, Dalke Kong

Crotch grab, Orlando’s bad, the committee got it wrong

Bob Stoops he retired

The world is turning, he’s been golfing

KD probably lights his farts on fire, his mom says it’s OK since he hangs out with Steph and Klay


Kyler Murray, RPO, Hoodie Melo, Matt Pinto

Brian Davis, Michael Cage, the refs got him in a boiling rage

Paul George will he go, have you heard Antonio?

Now Rudolph’s gone so’s Oladipo’s song,

Natty’s for Patty’s never wrong

Steven Adams nut shot, Let’s hope Zaza’s caught smoking pot

Beverley into Russ’s knee, Roberson injury

Heisman trophy ceremony what else do I have to see…


Bob Stoops he retired …

The world is turning, he’s out golfing.

KD’s still a liar, ask Rich Kleiman he knows KD’s lyin…

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