Wednesday at the Masters

Wednesday at the Masters

Let me apologize in advance. I used to despise all those fortunate folks who would talk about Augusta National and the Masters in heavenly terms.

I wasn’t there. I was plopped down on the couch in front of the tube while they were on the grounds.

Didn’t want to hear it. I wanted to be there.

Now that I’m here to see my 5th Masters, I feel so fortunate. I want EVERY golf fan to see it in person.

So, again, my apologies for doing what I once despised.

One of my favorite things about Augusta is getting through security (takes a few seconds) and being greeted by a friendly employee who hands you a program with a smile and says “Welcome to Augusta National.”

You slowly walk around a curve, seeing some of the best pros in the world on the world-class practice range and just take in the sights and sounds of spring.

It never gets old.

Today was an exciting day.

A record nine aces in the par-3 contest, including one from hugely-popular former OSU Cowboy Rickie Fowler, and 80-year old three-time Masters winner Gary Player.

It was another fun, expensive trip to the gift shop. Caps, shirts and other items for friends and family.

Still couldn’t find a pencil for Joe Adkins, but he did get a two-pack of official Masters playing cards.

Had a couple of Masters sandwiches, went for the club and the ham and swiss on rye.
Not a pimento cheese fan. Just not for me.

Tried the “Stand 12” drink at the concession stand at number-12, a mix of Powerade, pink lemonade and Sprite. Not bad, about a 6/10.

Good day for Masters cups too.
Eighteen total, including six of the highly coveted green ones.

I won’t tell you how I got eight green ones without consuming a beer, but it involves dumpsters and diving.

The cups have become somewhat of an obsession for me. Friends always want them, and they’re cool to have for parties. A beverage just looks better in a Masters logo cup.

A couple of our listeners with Oklahoma ties are also working the course again.

Marty Head of Golf USA is basically in charge of crowd control at the 12th hole, where has enjoys one of the best views in all of golf.

And his boss, Brad Bowen of Golf USA was working the first hole today.

Both are good guys and get to play the course after the tournament is over. Plus, they get those cool, workers-only yellow Masters caps. Pretty sweet gig indeed.

Just another day well spent in golf heaven.

Amen (Corner).


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