Billy Donovan Plans on Being Back

Billy Donovan Plans on Being Back

With the expectations of 50 wins, a deep playoff run and a possibility of a championships, Billy Donovan knew he was going to get that question.

Do you plan on being the coach next season?

“Let me say I’m excited about the organization,” Donovan said when asked about his future. “I love working with Sam, the people that are are here. I haven’t given any thought to that. My total focus has been how do we get better and improve.”

Donovan’s status on the hot seat is apparently felt everywhere except within the Thunder organization.

“We always talk about the season,” Donovan said. “Ways to get the team better, different things he’s thinking about doing in the off-season. Like I said, I trust Sam and Troy with the personnel, that’s what they do, and then obviously I’m dealing with the team.

The third-year coach routinely used verbiage relating to this team as “our first year” or that Oklahoma City “could only get better.” Donovan shared his desire, and frankly, his expectation, to coach this team again.

He even mentioned a desire to retain Paul George, who will be making a decision of his own in July, when speaking about this being the first year of this team together.

“I loved coaching Paul,” Donovan said. “I loved him as a person, as a human being. I loved his unselfishness, who he is as a player. I think it can only get better for him here after having one year together. I’m excited about that. I hope a get a chance to coach Paul for a long time.”

Donovan’s contract isn’t up until the 2020-21 season.

He signed a five year deal in April of 2015. Sam Presti’s exit interview will probably echo Donovan’s thoughts on his status unless something drastic occurs in the next few days.


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