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Big XII Wars: Episode III

Big XII Wars: Episode III

A long time ago, in a conference not far away;
Young Texwalker was felling good about himself. Things were going good. He was a champion, and the ESPNwoks loved their brand. All the other members of the Alliance thought that things were going well, but there was unrest in the force. The ESPNwoks were secretly members of the dark side. Their intentions were not genuine.
All along Texwalker still have feelings for Pac12mae. The ESPNwoks knew that to gain young Texwalker, Pac12mae had to be out of the equation.
So they offered Texwalker his own TV light saber. All Texwalker all the time. This newfound power crippled the Alliance. Member Jedi began to leave, and the future of the light side of the force came under jeopardy. They went out and recruited other potential Jedi to join their Alliance, however something was missing. It takes 12 to make an Alliance and the only had 10.
So, on a small planet, known as Dallas, members of the Alliance gathered. One of the Jedi, a founding member of the Alliance spoke. He spoke of the potential loss of Texwalker all together. He spoke of balance in the force and reminded them that there is another one to the north that could bring balance to the force. Not only was there another one, but there was only one! That one comes from Norman, and there name is the Sooners!

NCAA Football

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