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Big 12 Wars: Episode IV

Big 12 Wars: Episode IV

Not so long ago in a league very close to us, teams became lured to the dark side.  They we promised power and money. They were attempting to remove themselves from Senator Texas.  These teams were part of the original college football Jedi order. There was R2 A&M, Nebraska Fet, Jabbarado, and Mizzo D2.

While the light side of the force lost these Jedi they gained members that put up a fight against the dark side. Quai Gon West. And TCU PO.
Unbeknown to the light side was the fact that Senator Texas was truly the evil Emperor. However that is Episode 2.
Now with the light side almost complete to do battle, they have realized that they are still outnumbered. They must expand. Should they look for young Padawons who have enough metachlorines and are worthy of the light side?  Or should they try to turn former members back to the light side of the force?
In Dallas they blew up the Death Star with their announcement, now it is time for action

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