Big 12 Football: Your Weekend Primer

Big 12 Football: Your Weekend Primer

A little bit about OU: Time for the light to shine deep into the soul of the Oklahoma defense. OK, a bit dramatic, but don’t you get the feeling after this week we’ll have a more-informed opinion on what this defense is? I do. Is it the same one that couldn’t get off the field against a undersized, but big-hearted Army team, or is it the one that was freewheeling and blitz-happy against UCLA?

I think it’s more of the latter and less of the former. Saturday against Baylor will be a statement from Mike Stoops. It will also be an indictment of Baylor. Baylor isn’t good and OU’s isn’t as bad as many lead you to believe. The Sooner defense isn’t great, but it will be good enough. Again. Look for two-plus, first-half turnovers from the Bears that the Sooners will turn into points. Baylor stuffed Kansas, but that’s not a barometer to use when judging whether a team is good or not. Give the 22 points. Sooners roll and you’ll feel better about the defense, too. Oklahoma 48-21

A little bit about OSU: Last week I told you about the massive overreaction that was going on with the Cowboys. Flying high after a big win over Boise. I’m gonna do the same this week, too. Don’t believe this team is sinking now, just because it lost to Tech. OSU isn’t great, but it’s not as bad as it seems, either. You know who is bad? Kansas. The Hawks beat perhaps the two worst teams in the FBS and then followed that up by scoring seven points against Baylor. They will be extremely fortunate to win again. Taylor Cornelius, a mound of off-field issues with coach Mike Gundy, the media and Jalen McClesky are problematic, but only if you’re facing anyone other than Rutgers or Kansas.

OSU rolls. Give the 17 points. Heck, give 21 points. Or 31. OSU 45-10

Against the Spread: Keeping in line with the ole, overreaction storyline, let’s head to Lubbock, Texas. The Red Raiders, allergic to defense for most of our lives, figured it out against OSU last week. Now, West Virginia comes to town and the Raiders are on an uptick. Texas Tech is ranked No. 25 and coming off a big win. You a believer? Yeah, me neither, plus West Virginia usually doesn’t start imploding until later in the season. Tech got torched (Ole Miss) in the only other game it’s faced a real offense. West Virginia is a real offense. Go with Will Grier, the Mountaineer, and give the 3.5 points. WVU 50-34.

An Upset: Nobody is trending hotter in the Big 12 than Texas right now. Yep. Texas. A win over TCU will do that. Meanwhile, no one’s dropping faster than 2-2 K-State which has wins against South Dakota and UTSA to go along with blowout losses to the two teams you’ve heard of – West Virginia and Mississippi State. No chance K-State shows up, right? Well, Texas doesn’t play well in Manhattan. Since the beginning of the Big 12, Texas is 1-6 in Manhattan. And now, with all this momentum, seems like it’s a ripe situation for the Wildcats to stand up. I’m not gonna pick them to win, but I’ll pick em to cover. Texas 27-21. 

Will Kansas Win This Week?: Uh, no. Check back here for more of the same as October turns into November. See above for more info on this week’s game against OSU.

Who’s Under the Most Pressure This Week?: Maybe it’s Mike Stoops and the OU defense. Maybe it’s the Wildcats and their season getting ready to go under. I’ll go with TCU against Iowa State. The Horned Frogs have now lost two in a row and are in a position to gain just about nothing with a home game against Iowa State. With another loss, TCU can pretty much write off any chance of playing in the Big 12 title game. That’s a bit of pressure, for sure. They’ll rebound, but won’t cover. Take the Clones and the 10.5 points. TCU 28-20.

Last week: 5-1

Overall: 11-7

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