Big 12 Football: Your Weekend Primer

Big 12 Football: Your Weekend Primer

A little bit about OU: Let’s put aside the pageantry of Army for just a bit and look at what Oklahoma is dealing with this week. It’s pretty simple, too. The Sooners are facing a wave of whispers. Not that it really matters to the players, or the coaches, but certainly a bad defensive performance against the one-dimensional Black Knights would send most fans and media into a spiral of panic.

After a few missed tackles last week in a sorta satisfying win against Iowa State, there has been a not-small group of grumblings that the Sooners are the same as they’ve been on defense. Well, OU did hold an NFL-to-be running back to less than 100 yards, did win by 10 points on the road and are still pretty early in the season. But that’s why this game against Army is so important. A few more missed tackles and maybe we can say OU’s not improved defensively. A few stops and a dominating performance and you’ll hear the opposite. Perhaps both will happen.

One thing you won’t need to concern yourself with is the offense. Things are just fine. Army won’t be able to do much about stopping it, either. Sooners are giving 31. They won’t try and run it up, either. Army stays within the number. OU 42, Army 14.

A little bit about OSU: One win, and it appears the fortunes and the forecasting of the Oklahoma State season has changed. Quarterback Taylor Cornelius is now the no-doubt-about-it starter and the Cowboys have gone from a team that will be lucky to win eight games to a 10-win team. That’s what a victory these days against Boise State, at home, will do for you. Now, college football fans are famous for making any win, or loss, go nuclear. A good win, and suddenly the skies are sunny. A bad loss, and those skies open up and we end up drenched in sorrow and despair.

Oklahoma State’s situation is somewhere in between. Cornelius was good against Boise, but he wasn’t great. The Oklahoma State defense was great against Boise, but the offensive line wasn’t in any of its three games this season. There are issues, then again there’s a great win, too.

I don’t trust Texas Tech. No reason to. But then again, I don’t trust Oklahoma State, either. I do tend to work against the idea if everyone is praising one side, it’s probably a good idea to swim upstream and take the other side. Tech is no slouch offensively and just as bad as always defensively. OSU is too much of an unknown on offense for me, which means I’ll take all 13 points and I’ll take Tech straight up. Feel free to @ me later if I’m wrong. Tech 45, OSU 42. Oklahoma State is gonna have a tough time with this one.

Against the Spread: Akron is coming off an upset of Northwestern. Iowa State is coming off another loss. Don’t know how great Akron is, but count on the Cyclones being deflated. Akron can’t pull off a second upset in a row, can it? Take the 18 points.  Iowa State 28, Akron 20. 

An Upset: See above. Texas Tech is the play this week.

Will Kansas Win This Week?: Uhh, I know the Hawks are working off a pair of wins in a row, and that’s notable, considering they have a longer winning streak than the Cleveland Browns, but any team that’s any good at all beats Nicholls – at home. I mean, seriously. Baylor isn’t any good, no one’s saying that, but this is Kansas. Give the points, take the Bears. Baylor 34, Kansas 14.

Who’s Under the Most Pressure?: Huge favorite at home, a fringe Heisman Trophy candidate and two weeks off. That’s not a great thing for West Virginia. Not at this point, anyway. Dana Holgersen and the Moutaineers are in an odd spot. They got “weathered” out last week against North Carolina State and haven’t exactly had a lot of game reps. Meanwhile, Kansas State got run over by Mississippi State two weeks ago before beating up on UTSA last week. No one’s giving K-State much of a chance here, and West Virginia is considered to be the best challenger to the Sooners. K-State shows up for this one. West Virginia wins, but take the 16 points. West Virginia 38, K-State 28.

Last week: 4-2

Overall: 6-6

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