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Big 12 Expansion: The Best of the Rest

Big 12 Expansion: The Best of the Rest
Two weeks ago the Big 12, or so we thought, wasn’t interested in expansion.
Now, things have apparently changed. Houston and Cincinnati are considered the best available options at the already picked-over, bargain basement table of teams.
But what about the Dollar Store discounts? Sure, Houston looks good in comparison to the others dying to get into the Big 12, but that doesn’t mean the Big 12 will choose Houston. It’s not like this conference has a track record of making wise decisions, and we’ve gotten used to it.
Houston and Cincy are the favorites, but the league could add four schools. That makes Colorado State, U-Conn, BYU and Central Florida as options, and you know any and all of those schools would do just about anything to get into the Big 12 and worry not about travel, money or other trifling details to join the party.
BYU has the best football tradition. U-Conn offers a tangible basketball tradition as well as a juicy potential TV market in the Northeast. UCF has a massive television market. Colorado State has Larry Eustachy , so that’s good, right?
Other factors that could influence Big 12 decision makers in favor of schools like BYU, Colorado State, UCF and U-Conn?
Well, the Denver TV market, the basketball success and the fact UCF is in the middle of one of the ripest recruiting areas in the nation are all better options than anything Memphis, Boise State, South Florida, East Carolina, and/or San Diego State have to offer.
Here’s the deal – Sure, Houston and Cincy are light years ahead of the pack, but this pack isn’t that great to start with. If you like Cincy, if you like Houston, is there really that big of a drop-off to Colorado State or BYU?
These are the undesirables. There’s no getting around it.

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