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Bet on it: Sooners right on pace

Bet on it: Sooners right on pace

By now you’ve had time to decompress a bit. Hopefully.

A rough start to the season for the players but a miserable Saturday for all the Oklahoma fans out there.

While no one is here to make you feel any better, here’s a quick-take for you to consider while looking at the big picture for the rest of the season for the Sooners.

What’s the best indicator for how a team will perform on the season?

Easy. It’s Vegas. And Vegas has it right. So far.

Let’s not bog down in the details and the minutia of how the Sooners got beat, if they got out-coached, out-recruited or simply just were unlucky. There’s plenty of time for that later. Instead, step back and take it ll in.

Whether you bet on the Sooners Saturday isn’t the question. Whether you think the Sooners still have a shot at the playoff, is. And Vegas says it’s possible, even with the loss Saturday against Houston.

Vegas put the over/under total for OU this season at 10. That means someone in the desert expected Oklahoma to split against Houston and Ohio State and then lose one more – maybe at TCU. Perhaps against Texas or Baylor. The point is, a win over Ohio State in two weeks keeps Oklahoma on pace.

All is not lost as far as the playoff goes. Ten wins will probably get Oklahoma in and 11 would almost certainly do it. Of course, another loss means OU will need some help, but we’re just one week into the season and we’ve already seen another top-five team (LSU) lose. In other words, plenty can happen, including a Houston loss to Louisville.

A season ago, Oklahoma made the playoff with a horrible loss to unranked Texas. A sweep of the rest of the season would certainly mean a better track record than 2015, considering the fact OU would have a win over Ohio State as part of its criteria.

Vegas isn’t always right, but so far when it comes to OU’s season so far, it is. But then again, if you’re an OU fan today, that probably doesn’t make you feel much better.

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