Beer Me – Eastern Michigan Loses Money on Beer Sales

Beer Me – Eastern Michigan Loses Money on Beer Sales

“Eastern Michigan University’s trial run at selling beer during its home football game against Ball State wasn’t profitable, according to a report from The Eastern Echo.

The campus newspaper reported that the program paid about $7,000 to facilitate the beer truck and increased security, but only netted about $4,000 from sales at its Sept. 19 game at Rynearson Stadium.

EMU sold 559 16-ounce beers for $7 each. Greg Steiner, the school’s assistant athletic director for media relations, told The Echo that there are no plans for selling beer at any other football games for the remainder of the season.

Heather Lyke, EMU’s vice president and athletic director, said the pilot program was implemented to increase the fan experience and to add another revenue stream to the athletic department.

The Ball State game was the least-attended of EMU’s three home games this season, with just 4,463 people in the stands. Each of Eastern’s other two home games drew more than 6,000 people.”

From MLive.com

In an attempt to fill a little more of their 30,000 seat stadium the Eagles of Ypsilanti, MI tried to lure fans in with booze. Whether or not more actually came to the conference game against Ball State because of beer is unknown, but not enough indulged.

This shouldn’t be bad news for the bigger schools looking to bring suds into the stadium. Smaller schools like EMU do this to bring fans into their stadiums while larger programs do it to keep them in the stadium instead of bailing at halftime.

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