Beat the Hell Out of Texas

Beat the Hell Out of Texas

Bob Stoops is leaving his brand on the Longhorns. In 17 years at Oklahoma, Stoops has a 10-6 record vs. Texas. Some of those ten wins have been down right butt whippings. In 2000: 63-14, 2003: 65-13, 2011: 55-17, 2012: 63-21. Stoops understands what this game means to fans, but even if he will tell you this week is like any other. There is always a little more edge; the answers get shorter at the press conference and the media waits longer for players to be available for post-practice interviews. Which is exactly how we want things. We need to believe that OU has a razor sharp focus ready to embarrass Horns on sight. But, after two lackluster performances can we trust this team will be ready to go Saturday morning? They better be! With Texas turning on itself, Sooner fans want nothing less than what they got back in ‘00 or ‘03.

If Stoops doesn’t deliver this year, we could be talking about the nastiest postgame show in the history of sports radio. When we think of Stoops tenure at OU, we want to think of dominance, especially against Texas. 2013 and 2008 have put wrinkles in that thought process, but a punking of even a left for dead UT bunch would put Stoops back on that pedestal. As Stoops said on Monday, no one was slapping OU on the back just because they won last year. While he was referring to the 8-5 record, he could have been talking about his team being outplayed by Texas and Sooner Nation noticing.

When the opportunity is there, do what the bumper sticker says. Beat The Hell Out of Texas!

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