Battle of Best Big 12 QBs?

Battle of Best Big 12 QBs?

With all the pre-season hype surrounding Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield, were the real quarterback gems of the Big 12 lost in the noise? After the first 3 weeks of this college football season, Mayfield’s lead as “best quarterback in the Big 12 Conference” has dwindled dramatically, and his Heisman hopes look to be long gone. This development has sparked the conversation around the Big 12 on whether or not the real battle of the best quarterbacks will take place in Waco on Saturday.
Oklahoma State’s, Mason Rudolph, and Baylor’s, Seth Russell, have never played each other until they face off this weekend, but both are touted athletes at their position. When you take a look at the numbers from the first 3 weeks of this season and all of last year’s season, you quickly find out that Mason Rudolph has completed 62% of his passes and has only thrown 1 interception. On the other hand, you find that Seth Russell has completed 59% of his passes, and has thrown 3 interceptions this year. Both quarterbacks have passed for over 750 yards in their first 3 appearances this year and are averaging over 7 yards per completion.
As most Oklahoma State football fans remember, Rudolph had his redshirt burned for the 2014 game against Baylor because of the state of the Cowboys roster. When facing the Baylor Bears, Rudolph throws for an average of 350 yards and completes 53% of his passes. Seth Russell has yet to face the OSU defense, but his numbers over the last two seasons (before Russell was replaced due to concussion) were nothing short of impressive. Russell has never completed less than 56% of his throws and has thrown for over 3,500 yards in his career, so far. The numbers for both of these quarterbacks are undebatable and striking, but whichever defense can stop the opposing team’s quarterback from producing, will be the key to this weekend’s matchup.


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