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Augusta defeats Gilman

Augusta defeats Gilman

Of all the people on the Franchise that question everything, there are two that continually top the rankings – Andrew Gilman and Todd Lisenbee.

You tell them the sky is blue and they’re going to question it and make you prove it. It’s their nature and what makes them good on the radio. Constant agreement and pandering to the home team gets boring.

However, I found a force that is stronger than Gillman’s dark cloud of pessimism and turned him into a human being that actually makes Tony Robbins seem depressed.

That force is the Augusta National Golf Club.

For the first time I experienced “giddy Gilman,” who upon his return from his first trip around the AGNC told me, “Mike, that was awesome.”

Gilman said he stood along side the first fairway on Thursday and just “took it all in.”

“The first guy is saw hit a shot at Augusta was Freddie Couples, so that was kinda cool. I guess I’ll just follow Fred for a few holes.”

No embellishment here. Gilman even did a happy segment with his arch-rival Sam Mayes. I heard part of it. I think they even became best friends for five or ten minutes.

Gilman even switched his MVP choice to Russell Westbrook while in Augusta. This course drove a Masters flag into Gilman’s “hardened” heart and allowed him to see the light. The green light of optimism, and spending ridiculous amounts of money at the Masters gift shop!

The guy was putty in the ghost of Bobby Jones hands! He loved it, and the golf gods sort of liked him too.

Gilman was in a happy place, carrying back his new caps, shirts and pullovers. His taste buds won over by the egg salad and barbecue sandwiches. And totally knocked out by the “Georgia Peach” ice cream sandwich.

Gilman submitted to this heavenly golf experience, and might’ve shed a few tears. He was humbled, not by a Sam Mayes verbal beat down, but a golf experience unlike “any other.”

This was Gilman at his best. Never questioning the pin positions, or the prices at the concession stand.

Gilman stood in awe, in a “corner” and simply said “Amen.”

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