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At the end of the day Houston doesn’t even rank in OU’s Top 3

At the end of the day Houston doesn’t even rank in OU’s Top 3

With apologies to the Great Vin Scully, “We’ve had all the pomp and circumstance, we’ve had all the fuss and feathers, it’s time, it’s time for Sooner Football.” 2016 has been a hell of a year in Oklahoma. We’ve seen a National Championship for OU Softball, A Final Four for OU Men’s Basketball, The Thunder make it to the Western Conference Finals, and the Oklahoma State Baseball team went back to the College World Series. There was also Russell Westbrook signing a three-year contract extension, to stay in OKC a little longer. There was some heartbreak as well, but, the good is outweighing the bad.

Still, no matter what highs we experience in sports, only football brings us together for what amounts to a family reunion for 12 Saturdays in the fall. OU football, in particular, is still being passed down through generations, some of us are getting to that point in our lives where it’s hard to remember the first game we attended at Owen Field, but games like 85 Nebraska, 84 Oklahoma State, 02 Alabama, can be recited by memory. Then there are the moments Adrian Peterson’s debut vs. Bowling Green, Jamelle Holieway being forced to take over for Troy Aikman in the Miami game. And how could you forget, The Jump Around game? These all stay tattooed on the brain; They come up in conversation, between father and son, during bonding moments, be it catch or a game of Madden.

Thirteen years from now a generation of Oklahomans will be in their twenties and not have know life without the Thunder. For some of them, the NBA will take center stage all year round. Most will still bleed crimson, and when that first hint of fall hits, they will be right there with dear old dad, cheering on the Sooners living and dying every play.

Whatever becomes of this season, Heisman for Baker Mayfield? Appearance the College Football Playoff, another Big 12 championship? The most important thing we’ll remember where we are and who we are with when it all happens

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