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Anthony Fogle’s State of Oklahoma Football Address

Anthony Fogle’s State of Oklahoma Football Address
Every year I give a state of what we are seeing as Oklahoma fans, media, and prognosticators. This year will be no different.
My fellow Oklahomans, we have witnessed our school, THE University of Oklahoma, go through a tough few weeks. I will be the first to say that what has happened was unexpected, and very uncharacteristic of the expectations we all may have had. But as the Fogle Fact resident, I can say to you it is not as good or bad as it may seem.
First let us talk about the good. This team has been through the fire. They have played some of the nations best. Yes, we do expect to be better than the best, but the test itself is much more important than the grade at this time. This shows us where we need to be. It shows us that is much room for improvement and we have to stay the course.
Now let us look at the negative.  Yes we have holes. We have injury, we even have questions about this staff.  This is no different for any nation. We cannot expect the Sooner Nation to be without its fair share of problems.  We cannot fall into the group that has no faith.  Our nation is built on faith.  Sooner Magic. When is the last time we heard those words? Tennessee?  Then magic shouldn’t be for games. It should be for life.
I leave you with these words as I travel into enemy territory. Ask not what your corner, or QB, or even your line can do for you. Ask what you can…well actually do ask those questions. We should expect to win and we should expect to be the best.  This is your media president speaking. Boomer and Sooner

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