Anthony Fogle Says Goodbye To Stoops

Anthony Fogle Says Goodbye To Stoops

I have said this before, and I don’t feel like I am reinventing the wheel, but no one wants to be forgotten.

We heard a press conference on this station that sounded like a funeral and a rebirth, all at the same time.  Coach Stoops after 18 years has left. Now, we all look to the future. There are some many questions that remain unanswered.

However, this is the reason that we play the games. This is the reason that we coach. It is the way of the sports world. You only have but so much time to leave your mark. In coaching it can be longer than most players get, but we will all fall victim to the funeral that is retirement.  I don’t expect many people reading this to understand the difference between 9 years as a play or 18 years as a coach.

But typically most people in either profession find themselves doing something else before they are my age. It’s not a pity party, just a reminder for all coaches and athletes to remember life is short, your time of doing what you are blessed to do is usually much shorter.

I wish that Coach is in a good place and happy with whatever he wants to do in life. I know that outside of myself, he has guided many players in the right direction.  Hats off, and welcome to the club that I reside in, former head coaches of America.  Yes, I do have that on my Facebook profile.

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