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Another trap? Yep. 20 predictions for OU-K-State

Another trap? Yep. 20 predictions for OU-K-State

Against Baylor, I was wrong. Figured the Sooners would be at their best, needing to improve, to show something special. To be impressive.

Nope. Oklahoma hung on, struggling for most of the second half before escaping Waco, Texas, with a win.

Against Iowa State, I was also wrong. Figured the Sooners would be at their best, needing to improve after a poor showing against Tulane and again against Baylor, to show something special. To be impressive.

Nope, Oklahoma didn’t get the chance to hang on because Oklahoma lost. To Iowa State. After getting out to a two-touchdown lead against the Cyclones, OU let ISU back into the game and then lost in the second half when its defense crumbled and quarterback Baker Mayfield couldn’t lead the team on a game-tying drive in the final moments.

Against Texas, I was wrong again. Figured the Sooners would be at their best, needing to improve after a poor showing against Baylor and a loss to Iowa State. You know, show the nation the loss was a fluke.

Nope, Oklahoma got out to another lead, started kicking field goals instead of going for touchdowns and then fell behind, before holding on in the final moments for a less-than-convincing 29-24 win over the Longhorns.

So, this week, against Kansas State, as a 14-point favorite, the Sooners are again needing a convincing win, needing to be at their best so they continue to be mentioned among the nation’s potential playoff teams.

Makes sense that Oklahoma would be at their best, to play with purpose, to really show what this team can be for the first time since that win against Ohio State.

So, yeah, I’ll walk straight into that bear trap once more. Let’s get this party started with 20 predictions for Saturday’s game against the Wildcats.

1. The Sooners will once again, just like against Baylor, Iowa State and then against Texas, score on their first possession of the game. 2. It will be a Baker Mayfield touchdown and 3. you’ll be thinking, ‘Finally, this will be the game where OU just routs an opponent and we can all just relax and put our feet up and not worry about another epic collapse.’

4. And this time, you’ll be right. And I won’t be wrong. 5. Oklahoma scores at least 14 in the first quarter and 6. gets to 28 points by halftime.

Kansas State is so offensively challenged, even the Oklahoma defense will get a chance to shine. Well, at least something close to shine. Watch the Sooners get 7. a tackle for a loss on K-State’s first possession and 8. and a turnover on K-State’s second possession.

The result means Kansas State won’t be able to make up the difference. The Wildcats don’t have the athletes to stretch the field and they won’t have enough game time on the clock to be able to stick with the running game.

And the result of that means 9. you can actually make dinner plans for a decent hour. The game starts at 3 p.m. in Manhattan, Kan., and with a big, Sooner lead at halftime and knowing K-State is allergic to the passing game, this game should be over fairly quickly. Now, next week against Texas Tech, that won’t be the case.

Here’s what else will be the case this week against the Cats:

10. You’ll think there’s too much purple in your life. No team fan base loves its team colors more than K-State does.

11. You’ll want more Trey Sermon in your life. The freshman feels like a younger version of Samaje Perine. He doesn’t run away from anyone, but seems to always be moving the right direction. 12. Sermon will move for 100-plus yards.

13. So will Mark Andrews – as far as receiving yards go. 14. as well as catch a touchdown pass.

15. The Sooners won’t kick a field goal if they get inside the K-State 10-yard line. They’ll go for touchdowns instead.

The Cats are fresh out of Locketts, so the oft-criticized Sooner secondary should be able to have some success. Enough that 16. even Jordan Thomas is able to come up with an interception.

So, yes. Yes, I will walk into this bear (Wildcat) trap. Seems too easy not to. Bob Stoops had great success in Manhattan with the Sooners winning 55-0 last time there. 17. It won’t be shutout for Lincoln Riley, that would be asking too much. 18. But the lead will be big enough that Kyler Murray plays in the fourth quarter and big enough 19. you can exhale.

20. Sooners cover easily, win 44-17.

Last week: 9-11. Check my math here

Overall: 55-65

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