Andrew Gilman: Thunder Predictions for All 82 Games

Oklahoma City Thunder's Paul George (13), Russell Westbrook (0) and Carmelo Anthony (7) pose for photos during an NBA basketball media day in Oklahoma City, Monday, Sept. 25, 2017. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)
Andrew Gilman: Thunder Predictions for All 82 Games

No more than 140 characters. No less than 82 games. Predictions for every Thunder contest of the 2017-18 season. Let’s get weird.

Game 1 vs. Knicks

W – Can not wait to see the Enes Kanter tribute video. #NeverForget.

Game 2 at Utah

L – You didn’t really think the Thunder were going to go 82-0 this year, did you?

Game 3 vs. Minnesota

W – New–look T-Wolves will be a playoff team this season. You won’t see that potential in this game.

Game 4 vs. Indiana

W – Hugs from Paul George to all his ex-teammates. Paul will be smiling, but he doesn’t mean it.

Game 5 vs. at Minnesota

L – New–look T-Wolves will be a playoff team this season. You’ll see it in this game. #Dejavu

Game 6 at Chicago

W – Chicago isn’t going to win 25 games this season. Thunder roll in this one.

Game 7 at Milwaukee

W – There’s Cleveland, there’s Boston, but no one is talking bout the Bucks. OKC will treat this one like a playoff game.

Game 8 vs. Boston

L – Just out here wondering who Kendrick Perkins would be cheering for in this game.

Game 9 at Portland

W – First West Coast trip of the season means the airport will be packed when the team comes back to town.

Game 10 at Sacramento

W – So many good teams in the Western Conference. So much interest, player movement, drama. It’s still Sacramento, though.

Game 11 at Denver

W – Nuggets are supposedly much improved. Would be surprised to see it show up here.

Game 12 vs. Clippers

L – Remember when everyone was wanting Blake Griffin to come back home?

Game 13 vs. Dallas

W – This Mavs team might be one of the worst in the league, but at least we’ll get to cheer on Dirk.

Game 14 vs. Chicago

W – If you bought a two-game pack of tickets for the Mavs and the Bulls, I’m sorry. Bulls could be the worst team in the East.

Game 15 at San Antonio

L – Good chance Pop goes off on Trump before the game, fires up his Spurs. #BadTiming

Game 16 at New Orleans

W – Any chance Anthony Davis will be healthy? Doubt it.

Game 17 vs. Golden State

W – At least Enes Kanter won’t be talking trash to KD during the game. #Probably

Game 18 vs. Detroit

W – In case you didn’t get to boo enough at the Warriors, Reggie Jackson comes to town. #sports

Game 19 at Dallas

L – Last-second shot from Carmelo doesn’t fall. #WhyNot

Game 20 at Orlando

W – Thunder won’t need any “Magic” to win this one. Please don’t unfollow me. K. Thanks.

Game 21 vs. Minnesota

W – By now the Wolves will certainly be worn down from Thibs, right?

Game 22 vs. San Antonio

W – Don’t buy your tickets ahead of time. Spurs head to Detroit the next day = Pop rests starters.

Game 23 vs. Utah

W – Been forever since we’ve seen Quinn Snyder’s hair up close.

Game 24 at Brooklyn

W – If you promise to watch the next game, you can skip this one. Please RT.

Game 25: at Memphis

L – Conley, Gasol, Parsons will make more than $70 million combined this season. Can you name two more players on this team? Me neither.

Game 26 vs. Charlotte

W – Michael Jordan complaining there are too many “Super Teams” in the NBA was my favorite thing about the NBA offseason.

Game 27 at Indiana

W – Wonder how many Thunder fans will be upset when PG13 gets booed in Indy? I mean that’s just being rude to a former player.

Game 28 at Philadelphia

W – Trust the process, or Patrick Patterson, or Kyle Singler, or some other reserve who will certainly see extended minutes. Westbrook gets to rest.

Game 29 at Knicks

L – Knicks fans have never had an issue with being upset. And they’ll be plenty upset for this one. #triggered

Game 30 vs. Denver

W – Second meeting with the Nuggets. Second win for the Thunder.

Game 31 vs. Utah

W – Get there early for the return of former Edmond Santa Fe High great Ekpe Udoh. Oh, and Thabo Sefolosha will probably get a few cheers, too.

Game 32 vs. Atlanta

W – Wouldn’t it be amazing if the Thunder played in the Eastern Conference. We’d get more games vs. the Hawks. That’d be super.

Game 33 at Utah

L – That’s it for this season. No more Utah. Well, maybe in the playoffs. #blessed

Game 34 vs. Houston

W – There’s no Patrick Beverley to boo. It’s a Christmas miracle.

Game 35 vs. Toronto

W – Of all the teams in the East, does any of them illicit less opinion than the Raptors? Nobody likes them. Nobody hates them.

Game 36 vs. Milwaukee

L – Bucks are going to be beasts.

Game 37 vs. Dallas

W – Nothing better than sending out 2017 by bringing in the Mavs. #NewYears

Game 38 at Lakers

W – By this time of the season OKC is jelling. Also by this time of the season the Lakers are in #tank #mode

Game 39 at Clippers

L – Kinda cool to see someone shoot free throws worse than Andre Roberson.

Game 40 at Phoenix

L – Two losses in a row? What’s wrong with the Thunder? Time to burn this team down. Probably.

Game 41 vs. Portland

W – Thunder make it to the halfway point 29-12 and in the No. 2 spot in the Western Conference.

Game 42 at Minnesota

L – No one wants to make a January trip to Minnesota. Thunder won’t want to show up either.

Game 43 at Charlotte

L – This is the stretch of season where the Thunder struggle. #Panic

Game 44 vs. Sacramento

W – Kings = #SlumpBuster

Game 45 vs. Lakers

W – We can only hope LaVar Ball makes the trip to OKC, too. It’d be fun to see him.

Game 46 at Cleveland

L – Thunder will have been off for two days and fully rested. Same goes for the Cavs, too.

Game 47 vs. Brooklyn

W – Good news! The Thunder will be fully rested for this big matchup, too.

Game 48 vs. Washington

W – Anyone else miss Scott Brooks? I guess when you have Melo, PG and Westbrook that’s not really a thing anymore.

Game 49 at Detroit

W – I dare you to look at this roster and figure out how to get to 35 or more wins. Go ahead.

Game 50 vs. Philadelphia

W – We’re late enough the season at this point that Simmons, Embid, etc., will all be injured. #Sad

Game 51 at Washington

L – Thunder go from Washington to Denver. Hard to think the Thunder will win both of these on this odd road trip.

Game 52 at Denver

W – Ahh, yes, Carmelo gets to return “home” again. Tribute video should be #lit

Game 53 vs. New Orleans

W – Who gets T’d up first? Boogie Cousins, Russ?

Game 54 vs. Lakers

W – Thunder won’t be looking ahead to Golden State in this one.

Game 55 at Golden State

L – First trip to Oracle this season for OKC. You’ll stay up late for this one and then be mad that you did.

Game 56 vs. Memphis

W – If you can name three players other than Conley, Parsons and Gasol you get a chance to suit up for the Griz tonight.

Game 57 at Lakers

L – Thunder caught looking behind at Golden State.

Game 58 vs. Memphis

W – The Griz are one of the few teams in the league with an identity. Thunder have developed theirs by now, too. 100-points plus for the 10th game in a row.

Game 59 vs. Cleveland

W – LeBron has averaged 28.9 games in his career against the OKC/Sea franchise. And is shooting 50 percent, too.

Game 60 at Memphis

L – Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like a game at the Grindhouse.

Game 61 at Sacramento

W – Your yearly reminder that Vince Carter is still in the league. #half-man #half-retired

Game 62 at Golden State

L – Russ shows up to the arena wearing a provocative, message T-shirt. @kdtrey5 tweets out something from at least a half-dozen accounts.

Game 63 vs. Orlando

L – When there’s no reason to be motivated, the Thunder will have a hard time winning. #RealTalk

Game 64 at Dallas

W – The Mavs have no reason to try and win. They won’t tonight, either.

Game 65 at Phoenix

W – Thunder look so good, and I’m not talking about Singler’s hair, you’ll want to order pre-order your championship ring from #Jostens

Game 66 at Portland

L – My Meyers Leonard for MVP thread starts here: 1/114

Game 67 vs. Phoenix

W – If you’re here you probably won the raffle from work. Congrats.

Game 68 vs. San Antonio

W – 7:30 p.m. Saturday night. A perfect night for Pop to berate a sideline reporter.

Game 69 vs. Sacramento

W – Only a matter of time in this one before Steven Adams is able to get Zach Randolph to commit a Flagrant 2.

Game 70 at Atlanta

W – Dozens of fans are excited to watch a 20-win Hawks team in April.

Game 71 vs. Clippers

W – Last chance of the season to really boo Patrick Beverley. Take advantage.

Game 72 at Toronto

L – Russ takes too many #shots #shots #shots #shots. It still happens, people. It still happens.

Game 73 at Boston

L – All those “Thoughts and Prayers” sent to Gordon Hayward worked.

Game 74 vs. Miami

W – Everybody raise your collective voice for Dion Waiters. #And1

Game 75 vs. Portland

W – Everyone rests, no one cares, Thunder win

Game 76 at San Antonio

L – Not saying the Spurs are old, but Tony Parker is now doing commercials for Werther’s Originals.

Game 77 vs. Denver

W – Seems like the Thunder play the Nuggets 10 times a season. Excitement be thy name.

Game 78 at New Orleans

L – No. 3-playoff seed clinched. Thunder won’t be worried about the hostile environment of the Smoothie King Center.

Game 79 vs. Golden State

W – Make sure you tell your grandkids about how you really gave Kevin Durant the business. Keep fighting the good fight. #snake

Game 80 at Houston

L – Don’t worry about this one. Worry about where you’re going to be sitting for the Thunder championship parade through Bricktown.

Game 81 at Miami

L – Russ won’t be going for the triple-double record tonight. He won’t be playing, either. #Rest

Game 82 vs. Memphis

L – Customer appreciate day for OKC fans. Everyone gets a Sam Presti sweater from the 2017 Spring collection.

Regular season: 53-29


First round – Thunder (3) vs. Clippers (6)

OKC in six games

Second round – Thunder (3) vs. Rockets (2)

Houston in six games

Last year: Predicted 48-34. Check my math here.

Actual record: 47-35

Game by game predictions: 51 correct, 31 wrong

Playoffs: Predicted Clippers (4) over Thunder (5) in six games

Actual: Rockets (3) over Thunder (6) in five games


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