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Andrew Gilman: Augusta — You gotta do it

Andrew Gilman: Augusta — You gotta do it

Maybe you’ve never been. Maybe you’ve been a dozen times, but there are certain things everyone needs to do when they get to Augusta.

Here are some of the best:

Find Amen Corner: Yes, it’s cliche. Yes, everyone goes there. So what? It’s a chance to see the best players in the world fret over a shot on the 12th tee box. It’s also a chance to see the toughest  hole on the course, No. 11. Get there early. It’s crowded.

Get the Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwich: You know, everyone talks up the pimento cheese. Eh, it’s fine. Nothing special. Two sugar cookies with peach ice cream in between is. It would be a bargain for $7. Augusta National charges you $2.

Stand behind the No. 18 tee box: It looks like a school hallway with trees everywhere and a massive bunker on the left. Now imagine standing inside the ropes with a one-stroke lead. Brutal. You get a new appreciation for how good these guys are when you walk this course. You also get the feeling you’d need assistance standing up, due to nerves, when you look up the massive uphill tee shot that awaits.

Sit in the grandstands at 13 green/14 tee: Might be the best view on the course. You can see Georgia Pines, the players coming in on the first par 5 on the back 9 and then watch them tee off on the par 4 14th.

Find the hidden gem merchandise building: Shh. Don’t tell anyone, but behind 15 and near 16, if you take the stairs, there’s a massive merchandise building. Now, it’s not the same size as the one you see when you walk in the course, but then again, it doesn’t have near the crowd. This building has all the same gear at all the same prices and about a third of the amount of people. Just like the main merchandise area, you can ship your  goods right to your house. Oh, and there’s also a less-than-filled-to-capacity-with-people concession stand as well as a bathroom and phone bank. It might be one of the best spots at the entire club.

Stand in the fairway crosswalk on No. 1. Sure it’s a high-traffic area, but if you’re a first-timer, take a leisurely walk across No. 1. Look to your left uphill at the tee box. Look to your right, uphill toward the green. This is the stuff they don’t show you on TV. The elevation is so severe, you might need a sherpa.


Andrew Gilman

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