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Andre Roberson To Return “Relatively Early In The Year”

Andre Roberson To Return “Relatively Early In The Year”

Sam Presti let reporters in on the rehab process of Oklahoma City defensive stopper Andre Roberson.

Roberson, who has been out since January 27 with a ruptured left patellar tendon, has been working towards a return all summer. During Summer League in Las Vegas, Roberson told Brett Dawson of The Oklahoman that he was aiming to return for training camp.

In a way, Roberson’s wish will come true.

“He’s back on the floor and going to go through parts of training camp with us, non-contact,” Presti said at his press conference. “You’ll probably see him shooting. You might see him doing some scripting. He’s got to work himself from the non-contact part to contact and then obviously he’s got to get back to like performance, which would be game situations.”

So the Thunder’s defensive savior will in fact be on the floor with the team when training camp begins Tuesday, September 25th. The process of moving from non-contact towards contact however is another process entirely. Presti offered no time table.

“I can’t tell you exactly when that’s going to be,” Presti added. “We don’t think we’re going to be without him very long, but again, this is medicine. This is human performance. This is body. So sitting up here saying, this is when that’s going to happen, I can’t tell you.”

Roberson will be joined by teammate Russell Westbrook who recently underwent a knee procedure. Westbrook will be reevaluated after Oklahoma City wraps up their preseason games. If he is good to go, he will have to go through the non-contact to contact process along with Roberson.

“But then he’s got to get to the point where we can put him in contact situations and comfortable with,” Presti said. “And once he passes those benchmarks, he’ll be able to get back on the floor in competitive situations.”

“But both of those guys (Roberson and Westbrook), we feel good that we’ll have them at some point relatively early in the year,” Presti said.


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