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Alternate reality: Sooners and some changes

Alternate reality: Sooners and some changes

The Sooners will break out their alternate uniforms this week against Kansas State for their 11 a.m. kickoff in Norman. If you’re a fan of change, mixing things up and seeing something a bit different from time to time, you’ll enjoy the new-look Sooners.

Here are some other “alternate” ideas Oklahoma should try out against the Wildcats.

Stop turning the ball over
Oklahoma probably would have had a double-digit, first-half lead and would have likely won easily if not for the bumbling around by Joe Mixon and others for most of Saturday in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.

OU fumbled it four times, lost it twice, botched a punt and also had two interceptions. Add in the missed field goals and you could argue the Sooners could have won the game by 30 points – or even lost the game if Texas was something other than basically incompetent.

Alas, OU should try holding onto the ball this week. It’ll do wonders for the scoreboard. Then again, it’s just a suggestion.

Play the deep pass better
Texas picked on Jordan Thomas repeatedly Saturday in the Cotton Bowl and Thomas fared well. Sort of. In the second half he was beaten twice, despite being in good position on both plays. Yet, Texas got a quick 14 points, both on deep balls.

If Thomas and the rest of the secondary can keep a bad-passing K-State team in front of them, the Sooners should be fine. K-State doesn’t want to pass, but when it does, it will have to be off of play-action. Thomas and the secondary have to be wary of that. If OU doesn’t bite, K-State has little chance of winning.

Take Brian Bosworth out of the pre-game video
It wasn’t the best week for the Boz leading up to the Texas game. Bozz was quoted by Fox Sports suggesting OU coach Bob Stoops needs to leave and that the losses in big games were embarrassing to the program. Hmm. Seems odd to say considering the Oklahoma football family welcomed Bosworth back in its arms after a number of indiscretions.

Meanwhile, Bosworth has been featured on the OU video board before games as the team runs on to the field. Here’s an idea – distance your program from the guy who wants the coach fired. Boz was on the OU sideline at the Cotton Bowl, no telling who allowed that to happen, and he was shown on the video board. The result was clear to see: Boz was loudly booed by the OU fans.

My guess is the Sooners will remove him from the home game video. We’ll have to see if that works in OU’s favor against the Cats. Likely not.

Play a full game
OU has had its moments this season, just not consistent moments. The Sooners played well for a half against Houston, played well at times against Ohio State. Then against TCU, OU got off a good second and third quarters, but faded in the fourth.

And against Texas last week, OU was great on defense in the first half and anemic in the fourth quarter on defense against the Longhorns.

What would happen if OU played a full quarters? Well, we might see one of the better teams in the nation. Then again, the fact the Sooners haven’t done it probably means they aren’t one of the best teams in the nation.

Kansas State likely won’t test the Sooners too much defensively, but the Cats do have a solid defense of their own, and OU is one of the only teams in the Big 12 that has a decent running and passing game. If the Sooners can be somewhat consistent on offense and not get tricked on defense, this could be a real opportunity to put together a full game.

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