A Serious Problem

A Serious Problem

Tale of Two Cities
We have all witnessed some very interesting numbers that have been thrown at NBA players. Some
Of us feel they are paid too much as it is, others like myself understand that money gets printed everyday, so why should I worry about what other people make?
No matter the reason or the cause of the money spent, there are those in a city called the NFL that are watching and scratching their heads. They play a more dangerous sport. The only thing for certain is their signing bonus, and still average NBA players can make more guaranteed money than stars in the NFL.
Well, sorry to say this fellow footballers, but it’s your own damn fault. Yes it is true you play a more dangerous game, and yes, relatively speaking, your careers are shorter, but let us look at the word union.
When you get married you create a union. Two people that have each other’s back, through sickness and health, for as long as you live. Your union doesn’t provide that. It is the weakest of all four major sports, yet has the most people in it. How does that happen? You fight for soft footballs or shorter preseason games, when the priority should be guaranteed contracts, full medical benefits, and transparency of team profits.
I know, Fogle is off his rocker. These are millionaires we are talking about. Not so fast. You can be a rookie, play 3 years and not be close to a million, where as a basketball player is usually in the club after one year.
So instead of hating on the NBA, how about getting your house right first? This message has been #foglefact approved.


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