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A few Cotton Bowl things to do and not to do

A few Cotton Bowl things to do and not to do

You’ve never been to the Oklahoma-Texas football game, or perhaps you have. There are certain things everyone who has been knows about and there are certain things first-timers need to know.

My first OU-Texas game was 1985. I’ve been to the past 11 and a few more before that, too. I’m certain OU’s record in the Cotton Bowl against Texas is 8-6 in games I’ve attended.  I’m not an expert, but there are a couple more things I’m fairly certain of.

Do get a corndog. Not a “corndog guy,” myself, and I don’t get them anywhere else or any other time of the year, but Fletcher’s at the State Fair of Texas, is exception that’s now a tradition. Only good when scalding hot with yellow mustard. Will try again Saturday.

Do get to the game in time to see both bands take the field before the game. The 20-or-so minutes leading up to the game is one of the things that make college football special. Seeing the old, Texas ladies booing the Pride of Oklahoma is always a shock, too. Seeing the giant Texas flag on the Cotton Bowl turf is an impressive sight.

Don’t go to the Fair if you’re not going to the game. The fair lasts for weeks. It doesn’t need you and your baby stroller taking up extra space on a Saturday when there are an extra 90,000 people walking around.

Do find a spot to post up at the Fair before going into the game – preferably near a beer stand and a bathroom. I have located a secret bathroom which is less crowded than others and convenient, too. I’m not telling you where it is.

Don’t win an oversized, stuffed animal before the game. – @stevebullard

Do not stand in line to buy fair tickets. Do find someone else standing in line and give that person some extra folding money to buy the tickets for you.

Don’t be surprised when Texas fans are late-arriving to the game. It’s standard. OU fans get to their seats. Texas fans walk in like it’s a Hollywood cocktail function.

Don’t believe a college male in chaps at a football game is a real cowboy. – @choctawkid

Don’t be surprised by your lack of a WiFi connection.

Do be amazed by the 50-50 split of orange and crimson. It’s an amazing sight. Never gets old.

Don’t get a second corndog. No matter if you’re hungry or not. It’s not worth it. Have another beer instead.

Do get to the fair early for the people watching. It’s the best venue, East of Vegas, for sitting with a beer and checking out the scenery.

If you haven’t before, Do get to a spot where the team buses come. Don’t bring your under-age kids. It’s not G-Rated.

If you enter on the West side of the Cotton Bowl (the side where the press box is) Do take a picture of the crowd behind you. A fascinating sea of humanity.

Don’t feel bad about having one or five morning cocktails before the game. However, Don’t tell anyone about how hung-over you are on Sunday morning. No one cares.

Do post your picture on social media. How else will people know you were there? Your friends will be impressed. It’s a power move. People will love you for it.

Andrew Gilman

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