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A Closer Look: OU Freshmen

A Closer Look: OU Freshmen

National signing day has become a holiday in football-crazed parts of the country. While recruitniks celebrate and proclaim every signee to be the next All-American to take their team to the national championship others of us scoff and consider it creepy that 40-year old men know so much about high school kids.

Well, recruiting nerds, you win this round because we’re going to get an early look at the 2015 class when OU takes the field against Akron this Saturday.

When asked if he was excited about seeing some of his new guys on the field this weekend, Defensive Coordinator Mike Stoops said, “I think so. Ask me Saturday night about 9:30 and I’ll let you know.”

According to Bob Stoops, freshmen are more prepared to play both physically and mentally than any other time in the history of college football.

Bob says kids know more about nutrition, plus, since sports are year-round, they are always getting instruction. Some of those who will get to show us how ready they are will be:

  • Ricky DeBerry, a 6’-2” 240-lb 5-star Linebacker out of Virginia, who must be good to get playing time at one of OU’s deepest positions.
  • Dahu Green, a 6’-4” 203-lb wide receiver out of Westmore, who gives Baker Mayfield a big target in Lincoln Reily’s offense.
  •  Redshirt Freshman Orlando Brown will start at left Tackle.
  • Dru Samia will play at left tackle and has been one of the most talked about players this camp.
  • Marquise Overton from Jenks has Mike Stoops and DIron Reyolds looking toward the future.
  • Austin Seibert was named both kicker and punter on Monday.

Neither the Stoops brothers or the fans have any way of knowing the exact impact any of these kids will have on the Sooners’ season. But for now, everyone that follows recruiting will get the chance for one big “I told you so” if any one of these guys pans out.

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