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OU’s Defense Leaves More Questions than Answers

OU’s Defense Leaves More Questions than Answers

Tulsa catch Sports are cruel. Last week we were singing the praises of Mike Stoops and his defense for keeping OU in the game with Tennessee when they trailed 17-0. After Saturday, we are now wondering when Stoops will learn how to defend the spread. OU may have beaten The Golden Hurricane, but few are feeling celebratory because much like last year the Sooners are showing they are susceptible to the big play. OU gave up 603 yards to a Tulsa team who’s two wins are against Florida Atlantic (0-3) and New Mexico (1-2). While TU is averaging over 600 yards per game, fans saw this game as a measure of how this defense would fare against Baylor and West Virginia. Right now, it’s scary to think how much success opposing quarterbacks can have against the OU secondary. An off week may be just what Mike Stoops and Kerry Cooks need to get things right. Bob Stoops said there weren’t many busted assignments during this game. Assignments good or not, the numbers are gaudy, and Dana Holgerson will be licking his chops. “There will be things we will learn from this.” Said Bob Stoops in his post game comments, but how quickly can they learn?

The same question was asked to Mike Stoops, “The tempo bothered us. We couldn’t get our fronts and coverages together.” Not exactly the answer I was looking for, but it gives you some idea of what OU will be working on during their bye week. Things were not a total mess for the Sooners defense. OU did win, and at 31-24 and they forced Tulsa to punt on their first two possessions of the second half not allowing Dane Evans and company to tie the game and put things up for grabs. Another thing that needs to be solved and soon is the deal with Jordan Thomas. Whatever the starting cornerback did was bad enough to get pulled from the game and put true freshman P.J. Mbanasor in his place. All Bob Stoops would say is that Thomas let his team down, and Mike Stoops hopes this issue will be solved.

3 and 0 is a good start, but good starts don’t always mean a good finish, and that’s what OU fans want this year, the finish.

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