Big 12 Stick To Your Guns

Big 12 Stick To Your Guns

Stick to your guns, shotgun that is

 Kingsbury swag You don’t travel to Rush Springs and tell the good folks down there that their watermelon is garbage.  You don’t go to Tulsa and complain to people about Tulsa time.  You also don’t try and give fashion advice to Russell Westbrook.
  So when a coach goes into the state of Texas and criticizes the adopted offense of Texas, there will be fireworks.
  Cue in Arkansas coach Brett Bielema, who at a high school coaching clinic, raved about his pro style offense.  Even hinting that high school coaches should run his style as opposed to the ‘Air Raid’.  Can you say, shots fired?
  While I agree that teaching quarterbacks to take a snap from center helps the transition from college to the NFL, and that most spread quarterbacks don’t have very successful NFL careers, I would never go into the belly of the beast, a place that I have to recruit to be successful, and make those statements.  And if I were ballsy enough to make such comments, I sure as heck better not lose to an air raid team.
  That brings us to Texas Tech, whom to everyone’s surprise, beat an Arkansas team this past weekend.  The response of Kliff Kingsbury was classic.  It was something to the effect of a (butt) whipping.  This has been what college football has been missing, a conflict.  Two coaches going after each other, and making no apologies for doing it.  I hope they continue this game for years to come.  Let the games begin.

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