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Is All Hope Really Lost?

Is All Hope Really Lost?

NFL-DallasCowboysWhy does a 2-0 start feel so bad? Do the Cowboys really have a chance? Questions every Cowboy fan is asking. Already it feels like the bad news and question marks are Cowboy camp is piling up. DeMarco Murray left for Philly to get a big pay day. His replacements, Joseph Randle, injury prone Darren McFadden and Lance Dunbar. Orlando Scandrick the teams best cornerback goes down with a season ending injury in the preseason. Greg Hardy and Rolando McClain both sitting out the team’s first 4 games. Little did the Cowboys know that was just the beginning. In the season opener the Cowboys lost Dez Bryant to a broken foot, the type of injury OKC Thunder fans are familiar with. The complicated injury sidelined Kevin Durant for the entire season. Dez Bryant says he will be back sooner rather than later but nobody is holding their breath. Randy Gregory the Cowboys second round pick, shined in the preseason. Dallas lost Gregory in the opener for at least 4-6 weeks with a high ankle sprain. Ron Leary the left guard on the NFL’s best offensive line also went down in the season opener. Somehow the Cowboys found a way to win despite countless turnovers and penalties that seemed to bury the boys. On Sunday the Cowboys faced another division rival, this time on the road. With all the injuries already suffered, it seemed the Cowboys would have to play a perfect game to challenge the Eagles in Philly. A possessed defense for the second week in a row led the way. The offense had a hard time getting into a rhythm on the ground or through the air, but at least the Cowboys could rely on veteran Tony Romo. 3rd quarter, down goes Romo. Suffering a broken left clavicle, Romo will miss at least half the season. Enter Brandon Weeden, a former 1st round pick of the Cleveland Browns. Weeden didn’t last long in Cleveland but who has. It was this point in time that most Cowboys fans stood up from the table and went to cash the chips in. Pump the breaks! Despite all the bad luck the Cowboys aren’t done. Guess what this is a team that still found a way to beat the Eagles on the road. If the Cowboys played in any other division maybe Id agree. However the Cowboys get the Redskins, Giants and Eagles twice. As bad as they played in each of the first 2 games, they still came out unbeaten against division rivals. The defense has played with a fire that no one outside of Rod Marinelli anticipated. With a healthy Sean Lee and the promise of Hardy & McClain in just 2 more weeks this group will have to lead the way. But what about Brandon Weeden? Honestly not many expect much out of the former Oklahoma State Cowboy. Weeden should be playing the next 8 games with house money. Its not as if the Cowboys are going to ask him to throw the ball 45 times a game. The Cowboys success will still be based on this teams dominant offensive line and the run game. The Cowboys weren’t going to live up to expectations this year regardless of the quarterback if they were unable to run the football. If the run game succeeds, Brandon Weeden has the skill set to throw the ball when needed. Brandon Weeden isn’t Tony Romo, but if the run game leads the way, the defense continues to play with passion, the Cowboys will be able to navigate the next 8 games with the playoffs still in sight. Remember all they have to do to get into the tournament is win the NFC East. And that might not even require a team to win half their games.

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