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Oklahoma State Has Problems

Oklahoma State Has Problems

I went to Mount Pleasant expecting to see a beautiful part of Michigan and some great football. I guess one for two isn’t bad. Oklahoma State was terrible, there’s no way around it. From the time the Cowboys ran out of the tunnel, they had no energy. It looked as if they were content to look pretty in their uniforms and just go through the motions. I guess Ok. State thought Central Michigan would just lay down and take a beating. That thought process is a good way to find yourself in a battle in the second half, which is exactly what happened. Oklahoma State actually trailed in the second half to Central Michigan. If Mason Rudolph doesn’t put a couple of good drives together, the Cowboys could’ve been on the longest plane ride of their lives, coming back from Central Michigan 0-1. Despite pulling out the victory, Oklahoma State has problems.
The biggest problem is the interior of the offensive line. Chris Carson ran for 89 yards entirely on his own, because there were no holes to run through. A lot of people will tell you not to overreact after one game. It’s not an overreaction to look at the offensive line and say that the Cowboys aren’t going to have as big a year as I thought they would. Yes, the Cowboys were flat, and that’s something you can fix. You can’t fix a personnel problem. OSU has a personnel problem on the offensive line. A team with Big 12 Championship aspirations should be able to blow Central Michigan off the line, and Oklahoma State got dominated up front. I’m not pronouncing Oklahoma State dead, but I don’t know how they can fix the o-line problem, which is going to cause problems in conference play.

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