5 things we learned from OU Kansas State

5 things we learned from OU Kansas State

I have never been one to be confused with Captain Obvious. I think outside the box. I walk the path of resistance. Sometimes I leave people wondering where I am coming from, only to bring them to my reality in the end. I am chaos, I am FogDog. So let us begin.
1. Baker can be a game manager. Not in the sense of not taking risk, but in the sense of doing the right thing at the right time. It is ok to become a player when things go wrong. However, it is more important to make the right decision when they do.
2. Westbrook can be elite special. I coached against him when he was at Blinn. He had deceptive speed and was rough around the edges. OU has made him into a more complete receiver. He sees the field and positions himself to give the best chance for success on routes
3. The sexy D isn’t dead. When you scratch your head at lapses in the defense, we have to remember what they are trying to do. Limit big plays by making the offense work. When they get into predictable down and distance situations, you let them have it. They are no where near a finished product, but are progressing.
4. OU can still recruit. This has been one of my moments of harsh criticism. I never like seeing freshmen as back ups. However, with the amount of young player playing it has seemed that the depth is at least quality.
5. Give Riley credit. He has mixed and matched and even learned the group of players that he has. No one will ever think someone called the perfect game, but the aggressiveness of the play calling and the players needs to be noted. We can all be arm chair quarterbacks, but it takes balls to do some of the things he has done.
I will not go as far to say that this team is a finished product. I will tell you that the direction is trending up. #foglefact

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